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  • The management of the company, as well as its employees, is ready to fulfil obligations arising from customer requirements and provide its products and services punctually, to high quality and at competitive prices.

    Čekia Stability Award

    This year Kasko company won the Čekia Stability Award, a stable society Award—and with evaluating outcome AAA was rated as a stable company with a high probability of reliable performance of trade payables, likely return on investment, low credit risk and minimal risk of bankruptcy. That is among the most stable companies in the Czech Republic.
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The Kasko company was founded in 1992. From its foundation, it has remained a purely Czech company without foreign capital.The main business plan is the development and injection mouldings, constructions and the production of moulds and tools.

At the beginning, production focused mainly on consumer goods, such as various car accessories, shoemaking components and products and other accessories. Later, production was extended by assembly-line parts, especially for the car and electrical industries.

Since its foundation, the company has undergone very dynamic development. This once small and unknown company using obsolete production equipment and offering a limited range of products has gradually, despite the challenging competitive environment, built up a position as a reliable supplier to many domestic and foreign companies. As time went by, obsolete production equipment was replaced with new, modern technologies. Together with modernization of equipment, the whole company’s complex was significantly changed. The original premises were reconstructed and, furthermore, modern shop floors and storage sheds were built. The new tool shop KASKO-Formy  was opened in 2005, construction and development departments were moved to these new premises.

The aim of the Kasko company is to be a reliable partner for its business
partners. Therefore, the company strives for high quality of its products,
based on the quality system according to ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO
14001. Company Kasko is the member of the Plastic union.

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